Summer Ready

If you’re like many farmers, you probably give your equipment a tune-up to get it in shape for the farming season every year. Keeping up your equipment is certainly important, but your operation works as a system, so to truly get it in top form, it’s important to start with preventive maintenance at the source: your bulk fuel tank.

Spring is the perfect time to reorganise and think about new ways to protect your operation, including your fuel tank. With cool nights and warm days, you may notice a layer of frost outside the tank in the morning that melts away by afternoon. When you’re seeing these conditions on the outside of the tank, it’s likely that the same thing is occurring inside your tank—which means your tank has condensation that’s harmful to your fuel. The good news is, there are two simple steps to combat the elements and have your tank ready for summer.

Step 1: Clean the tank.
The only way to know if you have problems inside your tank is to take a closer look at what’s inside. There are two main contaminants you’ll want to look for:
• Water: If left inside a tank, water can grow microbes—living organisms that literally eat your fuel. You’ll be able to recognize any in your tank by its slimy appearance. If growth of these microbial contaminants make their way into your equipment, it can plug your fuel injectors and damage other parts of your engine. That’s why it’s imperative to remove any water from your fuel tank.
• Dirt/Debris: Just like water, dirt and debris can also be harmful if it gets into your machinery. This often collects on the filters at the end of the pump as well as on the screens for the lift tube. To combat dirt and debris in your tank, simply switch out your filters and screens.
For information on removing water and cleaning your tanks, contact your local Sweeney Oil depot.
Step 2: Use premium fuel.
Spring cleaning is only half the story, though. To ensure your tank (and your equipment) stays contaminant-free for the long-haul, it’s essential to use our premium diesel fuel from Sweeney Oil. The high-performance engines in today’s diesel equipment have extremely tight tolerances when it comes to impurities, so having the best fuel makes a difference.
Step 3: Lubricants.
Using a high quality lubricant ensures your machinery is performing at its highest standard. At Sweeney Oil we offer high grade products from our own Sweeney Oil lubricants range, Gulf, Castrol and AdBlue