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Sweeney Oil Eco, Time to Bee aware!

September is Bee Awareness month and we have been doing our bit to give back and help the bees, we are partnered up with Connemara Bee Keepers, a local bee keeping organisation to raise awareness!
Our company’s foundation is built on our values, award winning customer service, our excellent product and unrivalled people, which distinguish us and guide our actions.
We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner and here at Sweeney Oil we want to take it one step further and find ways to give back to our planet. We have introduced the initiative Sweeney Oil Eco to protect the environment and benefit the communities where we live and work, endeavouring to become the first name in this industry that cherishes nature and restores the environment. We seek to contribute to this with our activities, we will be partnering up with the Connemara Beekeeping society to share the importance of the bees to our ecosystem. This project is the starting point for our operations, how we meet the needs of our customers and our attitude towards our environment.

Internally, we have made the commitment to a more sustainable future, introducing recycling stations in our depots, offices and our largest sustainability project to date, we have taken the leap to partner with a local company developing our digital oil monitor that helps our customers to track their consumption and lower unnecessary fills, eradicate bleeding boilers and call outs to lower the times of our trucks on the road and to shorten journeys lowering our carbon footprint and emissions. We at Sweeney Oil are committed to protecting the environment and giving back and we look forward to changing the planet for the greater good.

We are a family owned, independent oil company based in the West of Ireland and we are trying to make a change and give back to our planet and make a difference one day at a time. We are making an effort to change the thinking of our staff and customers about how we can help the environment and what we can do as individuals to help our planet.

Check out Connemara Bee Keepers for more information about our precious bees and what you can do!

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