International Womens Day

Celebrating Women & Mothers at Sweeney Oil this International Women’s Day

As the world prepares to celebrate Women this Friday the 8th of March on International Women’s Day & Mothers shortly after on Sunday the 10th of March it’s only fitting we shine a light on and celebrate the achievements of some of Sweeney Oil’s women and mothers like Marie, Tara, and Louise, three of our longest serving staff who embody resilience, dedication, and excellence in their work while also raising families at home.

These remarkable women not only excel in their professional roles but also serve as inspirations to their colleagues and communities. Marie’s unwavering commitment to customer service, Tara’s innovative approach to problem-solving, and Louise’s exceptional leadership skills are symbolic of the invaluable contributions women make in every sphere of life.

Their ability to balance the demands of work and family life exemplifies the strength and determination of women worldwide. As we honour them on International Women’s Day and Mothers’ Day, we recognise and appreciate the countless contributions women make to our organisation and society as a whole. Together, let us continue to support and empower women to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.

Marie, with over 25 years of dedicated service, is the rock of Sweeney Oil.

International womens day

Then there’s Tara, managing one of our busiest depots in Clifden.

International Womens Day banner

and Louise, who in the past year stepped up as a company director, highlighting the opportunities for

growth and advancement within our company for women.

International Womens Day banner

These women and all of the women at Sweeney Oil go above and beyond every day, from building strong customer relationships to keeping our operations running smoothly. Here’s to all the incredible women at who inspire us with their stories and show us the limitless possibilities of what we can achieve.

Is í an mbean láidir a thógann an saol.

It’s the strong woman who builds the world

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