Sweney Oil are the Authorised Lubricants Distributor servicing the West, Midlands and Mid-West of Ireland.


This Months Special Offer


(December 1st - December 31st)

Buy a 200ltr barrel of Sweeney Oil 15 w 40 e7 Engine Oil for €450.00 and get a box of 400g Grease for ONLY €80!

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Sweeney Oil Declan Moran

Declan Moran

Lubricant Sales Manager

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Sweeney Oil Lubricants

Sweeney Oil offer best value commercial lubricants maximizing productivity for your vehicle. Our extensive range of cover all your needs and to suit your budget.

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Castrol Lubricants

Castrol is a global brand of industrial and automotive lubricants offering the best quality in a wide range of oils, greases and similar products for most lubrication applications.

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Gulf Lubricants

Since it was first founded in 1901, Gulf Oil has become an international producer and supplier of fuels and lubricants for industry, business and retail markets, with a commitment to quality and innovation.

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Ask about our Magnus Oil Monitor